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Our focus starts on you so we can create the perfect customised solution for you.  From there the focus switches to building your new home as quickly as possible and keeping you well informed throughout.  We are a highly systemised company and have included client communication points throughout our construction workflow so you can be assured we will be active in communicating with you and making sure you are happy throughout!


The focus of the first meeting is entirely on you and your goals.  We'll aim to get a detailed understanding of your current situation, what you want to achieve and why.  If your looking for a home for your growing family, we want to know how you operate as a family within a house and identify what's important for you.  If your an investor, it's more about the numbers and your financial goals.  We'll also consider different locations, price points and finance options so we have a complete picture.


After the first meeting, we switch our focus to developing the perfect solution, given your particular situation.  This will typically involve finding different land options along with house designs and specifications that match your budget, and finance options.  We will incorporate all of the important information we gathered from the first meeting to make sure we put forward the best possible solution for you and that all things are considered.


This is where we present our options and discuss any final amendments so that you can make your decision.  

We will go through every element of our custom package, and see if there are any ways in which we can make it even better.  These final changes should then lead you to being able to make a decision.  From there, you would sign for the land (if purchasing a lot) and we would commence preparing the contract which takes two weeks.


The Building Contract is then signed and sent to the bank for finance approval.  From there, we conduct the Prestart Meeting where our friendly people take you through your colour selections, a range of finishing options, even the direction that your tiles are laid.  


We now commence our construction workflow which involves the building permit, pouring the slab, bricks or steel framing, roof cover, lock up, practical completion, handover and then the post-build maintenance period. 

You'll have a client liaison dedicated to you who will make sure that you feel informed and connected to the process throughout.  Following the build, we provide a maintenance service which is included in your contract so that any minor issues are rectified to your satisfaction.  


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