Here at Start Right Homes, we pride ourselves in how we assist clients throughout the home building journey!

From the beginning of the first meeting to the final day of key hand over we aim to set out clients up for a journey full of positives and good experiences!

From how we find the best loan and block of land for you to the customisation of floor plans, learn more about how our process aims to streamline the process for all buyers! 


The beginning steps in your home building journey starts here; This meeting you will meet and get to know the specialist who will be by your side the entire way. During the meeting you will begin to discuss what your wants and needs are for a house and land package; the specialist will also gather some information to help them find out more about your financial situation. 

Simply put, this is the first date between you and your new home!


After your first meeting your specialist will go back and work hard to provide you with options to view. The first of such would be some loan package options that would work for you! Our wide range of broker partners  allow for an unlimited amount of opportunity for how much you can borrow and which lender you go for! 

Now with a budget in mind. the specialist will look to package up some land options for you and show some designs that work on the chosen blocks. 


This is where you decide on the package that is right for you!

Going through the package with your specialist, you will go through every corner of the design to see what changes need to be made or if the land location is to be changed. Once happy with this, this is where you sign up and we get the process going to prepare for your build! 


So you have signed with us and locked in a house plan! From there we push forward to preparing your HIA building contract. This contract highlights the final look of your home structurally! Further, this is one of the final things before we kick off construction! 


After this is the fun part, Prestart! This is where you finalise all your colour choices and finishes within your new home. From the colours of the kitchen to the direction your tiles lay, you get all the freedom! 


Don't worry we give you the "get out of chores" card if it means you are on Instagram "researching" colours.


This is where the excitement truly starts to hit an all time high! Now that everything is locked in we progress to the construction of your brand new home! From slab down to the final key handover, each stage will go up right before your eyes. Before you know it, we will be passing the keys to you and you will be moving in!

Don't worry, we wont judge if you go out every single day to see what changes has happened; Everyone does it!