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Below are four examples of homes we have built, all with their own unique elements.  Please take the time to watch the videos below.

Stunning showcase of light-filled design work

This design showcases two raking ceilings, one in the front lounge and one in the main living area.  Take note of the triangular highlight windows above the windows in the raked ceiling areas, as well as a light well over the bathtub.


This is a beautiful example of architectural elements blended with simple floorplan concepts to create a space that is bright and fun to occupy. 

Beach shack

This design offers a more contemporary floorplan with a look and feel that is inspired by Perth's coastal lifestyle.  

This affordable home has a front elevation that encapsulates weatherboard and coastal themes, resulting in a relaxed and bright facade that captures the attention of the street.

Modern inner city pad

This design demonstrates that you can achieve a sense of space on small, inner city lots.  We incorporated a raking ceiling into the living area to open up the sense of space and bring this home to life, connecting it to the outside environment throughout the changing seasons.

Elegant family living

This well thought out floor plan acheives everything a modern family home needs;  open areas that provide a sense of space and vision, separate lounge room for those movie nights or kids sleepovers, and an elegant and stylish finish, especially to the front elevation.  

This is a beautiful home.

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