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Infill blocks. They can be a great investment if you want a new home in a suburb you love, but the design requirements can be a little trickier than development estates, so not all builders will take them on. At Start Right Homes, we don’t discriminate. Whether you want a home in a new land estate or on an infill block, we’re happy to help. We’re proud of the homes we’ve built in well-established and new suburbs all over Perth.

Infill Problems we can Overcome

Infill blocks can come with their own set of unique requirements that we don’t see in a new land estate. There is often a raft of challenges that a builder needs to overcome including:

  • Oddly shaped blocks
  • Custom home design to meet council and block requirements
  • Services may not be in the ideal location
  • Access difficulties
  • Gaining council approval

Why Infill Housing?

Most states in Australia are trying to reduce the urban sprawl of their capital cities and encourage infill housing so we are seeing a rise in subdivision in inner-city suburbs. This is a win-win for homeowners with large blocks who are making the most of their unused space, and for clients like ours who are looking to build their dream home in their dream suburb.

Infill Housing Good for New Homeowners

Building on infill lots is a bin win for families. Mum and Dad can choose a block closer to work, friends or family and secure the lifestyle they’re after. Many of the top performing Perth schools are also located in older Perth suburbs so building a new house on a sub-divided block allows families to live within their preferred school boundary.

Infill Housing Suits Existing Homeowners

Infill housing also allows existing home owners to release equity in their property without moving out of their home. By sub-dividing their block, homeowners can enjoy the financial benefits of selling part of their land and for those who aren’t green thumbs, also reduce their commitment to the upkeep of a large garden.

Infill Housing is what the Government Wants

The State government has been encouraging Western Australians to cut the urban sprawl by re-developing land in established suburbs close to the city. Reducing the number of new land estates saves the government millions of dollars in supplying services like water, sewerage and public transport in new areas. Higher density housing is being encouraged by re-zoning areas located near train and bus stations and major shopping centres where residents are less reliant on cars. 

It Costs No More to Build

If you buy in the right area, the cost of an infill block can be on par with buying in popular development estates and you can reap the benefits of capital growth much quicker if you choose wisely. The increased costs can come when some builders charge a premium to custom-design a home to suit your block, or charge a hefty fee for making design changes to standard plans. Here at Start Right Homes, we have a number of plans available to suit rear subdivision and oddly shaped blocks. Or send us your block and our designers will be able to work with you to design exactly what you want, without charging a premium.

Personalised service is our commitment to you.

If you already own an infill block or you want to find one, talk to one of our experienced consultants at by calling on (08) 6189 8795 or contact us here.
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