6 Outdoor Entertaining Area Ideas for Narrow Lots


When new homeowners decide on a narrow lot home, they usually put a lot of thought into the design of the home itself.

But, the outdoor entertaining area is just as important as the interior so it should receive the same level of planning to make sure the limited space is used to its full potential.

With some careful design, your outdoor entertaining area can be functional and fabulous looking.  


Take a look at our list of 6 outdoor entertaining area ideas to draw some inspiration for your new home: 


#1 Choose the Right Doors For Your Outdoor Entertaining Area

Your choice of doors leading out to your alfresco area is an important one. Luckily, there is no shortage of choice from sliding, stacking and folding doors.

The door you choose will impact on the amount of natural light and placement of furniture inside your home as well as the amount of space available outside.

Bifold and stacking doors can give the illusion of more space. When the doors are open, there nothing is obstructing your line of sight from indoors. One drawback, however, is the space either indoors or outdoors needed for the stacked doors.  


#2 Use Alfresco Decking or Tiling to Bring Outside & Inside Together

Narrow lot homes use clever design to make the home look wider and larger, and the outdoor area should be no exception. The flooring material outside can maximise the feeling of space.

Some new homeowners like to use the same flooring inside and out such as tiles to give the feeling of one large area. Others may choose a floor that is a similar colour to indoors such as liquid limestone while some people prefer to have a completely different look and feel outside.

The choice is yours but don’t forget to consider maintenance and the potential for wear and tear. You want to spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your outdoor space.

This beautiful outdoor space uses wooden decking that is the same colour as the wooden floor board inside the house.


#3 Enclosed Alfresco Areas - Make an Outdoor Room

Many people consider their outdoor area to be another room of their house. If you don’t need for a patch of lawn or garden area, you have the option of using all of your outdoor area as a living space.

If your outdoors will be used for entertaining or living, you may want to make sure it is enjoyable all year round. The most effective way of beating the winter chill is to enclose the area and make a comfortable outdoor room.

You can enclose the area with outdoor blinds and add an outdoor heater to extend your entertaining space to most of the year in Perth’s temperate climate. If you don’t want to worry about the weather forecast again, you might opt for permanent fixtures such as sliding doors, louvre blinds and windows.

By closing off their patio with sliding doors and windows these homeowners made an outdoor room that could be enjoyed all year round.

#4 Coming Up With an Alfresco Design To Suit Your Block and Lifestyle

When your outdoor space is limited on your narrow lot, you need to spend time on getting the design right for your alfresco area. First, decide how you will use the space. Will you spend more time eating outside or do you prefer to watch the weekend sport on TV out there? Your use will dictate the type of furniture you need; table and chairs or a lounge. You may be able to fit in both if you choose compact furniture and use the space well.

Do you want a full outdoor kitchen with a large BBQ, wok burner, sink and drinks fridge or do you only need a small movable BBQ? A kitchen will need to be designed around access to services like gas and water while a BBQ on wheels doesn’t require much consideration as to where it will stay.

With a comfy lounge and huge outdoor kitchen you might end up spending most of your summer outside!


#5 Fit a Pool or Spa Into Your Narrow Lot Outdoor Area

Some people feel they need to give up on the dream of a pool or large spa if they build on a narrow lot but it’s not always the case. There are plenty of small-scale options available that will work fine on a skinny lot. Shipping container and other raised pools are growing in popularity for blocks that aren’t as suitable for a large below ground pool. A spa doesn’t need as much space and can easily be included on narrow lots.

A long, narrow pool like this one can look amazing and still leave you plenty of space for an alfresco area.


#6 Consider a Small Open Air Courtyard Design Instead of a Covered Alfresco Area

Not all homeowners want or need an alfresco area with a patio or covered roof area. Some would prefer to have a courtyard with limited or temporary shade compared to an alfresco that is part of the roofline of the house.  A courtyard also allows homeowners to enjoy a larger garden or lawn area and reduces building costs.

Include a few garden chairs that won't mind the weather and a tree or umbrella to sit under when it's warm, and you can still entertain outside in your garden.


With careful design and the right pieces, the outdoor entertaining area on your narrow lot can be as functional and enjoyable as a larger sized block. If you would like some expert advice on designing your perfect house with a comfortable outdoor entertaining area then speak with a Start Right Homes consultant on (08) 6189 8795 or contact us online.


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