Interview with Start Right Home’s Pre-Start Consultant


The pre-start consultation is an important part of the building process. It’s where you get to choose the fittings in your home and if you ask us it’s the fun part of building your home. It’s a time when you can start to imagine what your final house will look like when you receive the keys. We talk to Start Right Home’s Pre-start Consultant, Kristie to find out all there is to know about how the pre-start process works.

What fittings and furnishings do clients select at the pre-start meeting?

We select all interior and exterior colour palettes and products such as plumbing, cornices, doors and door handles.  

Where do you hold the pre-start meetings?

Start Right Homes has a kiosk at Home Base in Subiaco. We meet at the kiosk then spend half a day going through all of the products and displays at Homebase. There are plenty of samples to choose from so Home Base is a good place to hold pre-start meetings with clients.

What should clients do to get ready for pre-start meeting?

I always tell clients it’s a good idea to go to Home Base on another day before our pre-start meeting to have a look at the products on display and see what they like.

Start Right Homes provide all clients with a pre-start selection booklet which I recommend they read thoroughly to get a good idea of what they will be choosing.

It also helps if clients know what colours they like. For more colour palette ideas, I suggest clients look through display homes. Then at the meeting, we can discuss ideas and go through the paint colours I have.

Any research websites you can recommend before attending?

Yes, I suggest clients have a look at Houzz and Pinterest website and app. Clients have told me they have found the Polytec and Colorbond websites to be helpful. Both have interactive tools which allow them to select a house design and then select colours.

Do you recommend clients have an interior design theme in mind?

Display homes are themed but not it’s not a necessity for clients to have a theme. It’s more important to know what colour palette they like – is it warm colours, grey, white light and bright, for example.

Knowing the tones helps too – do they like dark or light? Also, what style they prefer – is it modern, classic, contemporary?  

Does everything need to be selected at the meeting?  

Yes at the meeting we go through and make all selections. I type all the client’s choices in the selection booklet which goes to Start Right Homes at the end of the meeting. The client receives a copy of the document so they can refer to their selections and pick up paint chips and samples pots at the hardware if they wish.

Do you answer clients’ other interior design questions about window treatments and wall art for example?

Most of Start Right Homes clients’ take up the turnkey option so at the pre-start meeting we will choose the blinds and carpets. Sometimes clients will have pictures or questions about their other furnishings and I’m happy to help them with those queries.

How long have you been an interior designer?

I have been in the building industry for nine years and for the past four of those I have been an interior design consultant.

Besides pre-start consultations what else do you do?

I style display home interiors, run style workshops and complete fitouts of clients’ homes.

What do you like the most about your job?

I love getting to know clients and being able to provide them with a beautiful space to live and entertain. I want my clients to have a deep connection with their home and interior so they feel comfortable and relaxed when they’re at home.

What do you like least?

There isn’t much I don’t love about my job, it’s probably just the deadlines which can be a bit stressful but I’m really happy doing what I do. 

Finally, what’s on-trend for 2017?

Greenery and indoor plants are hugely popular right now. Colour is also making a come-back with pops of colour on couches, pots, artworks and furnishings. Handmade is also really big this year. People want unique pieces for their home so they are at the markets searching for handmade craft items.

When it’s time for your pre-start meeting, your dedicated Start Right Homes consultant will book in an appointment for you to meet with Kristie. Have fun!

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