Interview with Phil, Sales and Training Manager at Start Right Homes


What is your role at SRH?

As the Sales and Training Manager I conduct ongoing workshops and manage a team of reps. All too often sales reps in this industry have to work it out for themselves, the training covers many different aspects of the build process.

You have been referred to as the building industry guru, what is your background?

I’ve been assisting clients invest in their new homes in Perth since 1987 and prior to that I had a small business. I’m originally from the UK and met my skippy wife when we worked at a bar together in Wales, I then followed her over here in 1983. Tracey also has ten years sales experience and is very happy to tell me what to do! We both are passionate about our roles and both enjoy training; we even trained a guide dog for three years which was a wonderful experience. 

What do you most like about your role?

This is the third team I have managed so I must enjoy it! I love the interactions with the sales teams and seeing them develop and succeed. Furthermore, Start Right Homes is a family business who genuinely care about their clients and staff. It’s a really warm place to be involved in.  


What do you like least about your role?

Anything to do with computers and paperwork. I love human interaction; electronic interaction drives me nuts!

What is your favourite SRH display home?

Whiteman Edge would be my favourite with its Everest ceilings. This home manages to capitalise on such a small block. It's a cool design, it’s really innovative.

What is trendy in house design at the moment?

House designs are being driven by land development which is dictated by the need to reduce the Perth urban sprawl. There is no choice; blocks have to become smaller which is driving the market. The pay off is families don’t need the quarter acre block anymore because land developers are spending millions on parks and facilities. They give suburbs a real community feel because people are getting out and kicking the footy down the park, this is a good initiative. 

Do you help clients choose their block of land?

Yes our Reps assist with home and land packages. They also look at suitable home designs for someone who already has land, we also arrange infill developments. Our sales reps also help clients with finance but we don’t have in-house finance brokers as this can be a conflict of interest.

What are some of the features clients look at closely?

The most emotive area is undoubtedly the kitchen including the flow through the living area and outdoor living. The master bed, ensuite and robe wing is also a high priority. Having been involved in this industry for 30 years, and married for even longer, my advice to all males of the species, is just agree. As Rudyard Kipling wrote, "the female of the species os more deadly than the male". Unfortunately, use of the block and especially orientation are often overlooked.
Also features that will distinguish your home from of 'norm', as such our 'Everest ceiling' which makes a house a home, which ultimately increases saleability. Thus helping you climb the property ladder when the opportunity arises. 

Let Phil or one of his New Home Building Consultants help find your dream home by calling (08) 6189 8795 or contacting us.

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